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Today I got some super exciting new skin care and wanted to share it straight away! So, last week I used some of my sisters Lactic Acid 10% solution and really really loved it, I was searching for my own to get (I would’ve just got the same as my sister but she wasn’t too…… Continue reading skin

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cruelty free

For todays post I thought I’d write about something I’ve written about many-a-time but not in makeup form… easy ways to stay cruelty free at home. I feel like people are more and more aware about animal testing and buying from cruelty free beauty brands, however I don’t know how many people actually look at…… Continue reading cruelty free

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colourful eyes

I’ve spoken (written) about Bleach London before, but boy has my love grown since! I got a few of their single eye shadows, a glitterati and some single highlights for Christmas and I’m contemplating throwing out all my other eyeshadows!?!? Obviously I won’t, what a waste. Lol. But seriously, Bleach London has upped the game..…… Continue reading colourful eyes

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Personally, New Years has never been a massive thing for me, I enjoy the night but going hard or having a quite one doesn’t usually bother me…. however! With a balcony with the London Eye in view, not having a celebration would have been a crime, right??? The plan was to dress all fancy, drink…… Continue reading nye

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pink for days

Ever just get bored of your hair? Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I love my hair but after a while I just fancy a change… and this is where BleachLondon comes in! One of my friends used to use BleachLondon regularly, so I was already aware of the brand but had never…… Continue reading pink for days

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glam till you drop

I’m a day late for halloween I know, but I like posting mid-week! I love dressing up for halloween, so much so that a part of me feels like I celebrate more as an adult(ish) than I did as a child! I like my look to have a shock factor and make people double back,…… Continue reading glam till you drop

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old fashioned

So, here’s my final cheap, indulgent post of the week and boy is it indulgent! Since moving to London, I’ve been drinking quite a few Old Fashioned’s… you know, those bourbon based cocktails. And, in my humble opinion, I have perfected a maple syrup based recipe. Well, recipe is used lightly here; I follow the…… Continue reading old fashioned